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Design Intense


WordPress Multilingual Website for Therrestra, an architectural and engineering firm in the Dominican Republic.

Fierroo | Fierroox

WordPress Website Design for Fierroo | Fierroox is a firm specializing in functional, artistic renderings in a variety of metals, based in the Dominican Republic.

Spa Dental

WordPress Website Design for Spa Dental, an elite dental facility in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Fundación Espeleobuceo Hispaniola

Brand/Identity + WordPress Website for Fundación Espeleobuceo Hispaniola, a foundation that explores the underwater caves of the Dominican Republic

Carne Buena

WordPress Multilingual Website for Carne Buena, a meat market in Los Minas, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

DR1 Guide

WordPress Website for th DR1 Guide, an online magazine about the Dominican Republic.