Case Study: Bobby Pritchett & Bill Seliger

Bobby Pritchett and Bill Seliger are friends and business associates who share a love of diving.  Design Intense was referred to Pritchett in 2003 by another diving client, Golden Arrow Technical Diving Center. At the time, Pritchett had never had a website for his various businesses and approached Design Intense to create a portal site that integrated his ventures. Pritchett got sidetracked and the project was never completed but 5 years later when he had just built his first business in the Dominican Republic, a small hotel, Design Intense was who he called to build the website.

Bill Seliger was consulting with Pritchett during the hotel project and was impressed with Design Intense so when he had the need for a website designer, he gave us a call. Design Intense has worked on various projects for the pair and more are in the works.

Who:  Consultants with various projects related to diving



  • ‘Translate’ brands for different cultural markets and languages
  • Build brand strength across various media

Why Design Intense?

  • Affordability and efficiency
  • Bilingual skills
  • Flexibility in work style and availability
  • Specific experience with diving industry

Duration of work relationship: Ongoing since 2003

Services provided

  • Creative Consultation
  • Book Cover design
  • Translation
  • Web development
  • Web marketing
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