Case Study: POWER TEE (Golf-Tech, Inc.)

Power Tee began a marketing contract with Design Intense in March 2011 in order to translate their successful U.K. brand for the U.S. audience. Since then Design Intense has designed a wide range of materials for Power Tee and offers a flexible range of services.


Power Tee is an automated ball teeing system, founded in 1996 by Golf-Tech, Inc. expressly to design, develop and promote automatic teeing. Power Tee operates in hundreds of ranges in 12 countries and tees up more than 4,000,000 balls per day.

Print Examples


  • Create translate the Power Tee brand for the American customer
  • Develop an ongoing marketing strategy for building brand awareness
  • Design the supporting materials as needed

Why Design Intense?

  • Design expertise in a range of media
  • Flexibility in work style and availability
  • Range of skills
  • Long term commitment

Duration of work relationship — Ongoing since March, 2011

Services provided

  • Web Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Traditional Marketing
  • Collateral Design
  • Banner Design
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