CHROMA is blog about design, color and symbolism. The audience is both designers and clients. My intention is to balance both perspectives.

For many years I have educated studied and practiced design, created and taught classes, and educated clients. With CHROMA I wish to share my experience, options and ideas in the form of a weekly series. eliza_eye

A little about me… My background is in fine art. I grew up in NYC in a family of fine artists. My “playtime” was to paint or draw. At an early age I had a mentor who introduced me to fiber arts and taught me how to sew, knit, crochet, bead, and more. This combination of art and craft feeds into my professional work. I consider myself I a multi-media creative — not “multimedia” as in Quicktime or Flash but rather a creative person who works in various media. Professionally I design everything digitally: corporate identities and logos, brochures and advertisements, websites and e-marketing. But my creative outlet is not limited to digital media or professional projects, i integrate creativity in a variety of forms from fine art: creative writing, drawing, photography to handicrafts: sewing, knitting and beading. For me, all these creative expressions are interrelated and inspire each other. So without much ado, welcome to CHROMA, first article “Introduction to Color” will be available tomorrow, Oct 28th.


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