Logo Design Process

So how do you go about design a logo? Great logos are deceivingly simple.

The Design of Christmas

The symbolism that is associated with this holiday as it has evolved over time.

Intro to the Web

The Web: a system of interlinked hypertext documents accessed via the Internet.

Symbolism in Design

An understanding of symbolism is a critical part of graphic design.

Get Creative — Unplug the Computer!

Where does creativity come from and what does “creative process” mean? These are questions I have been asked frequently and in this post I will share my perspective.

Introduction to Design

The word “design” signifies many meanings…

Introduction to Color

Color has been an integral part of my creativity and one of the first things I consider in any design. So what color exactly and why is it important?

Introducing CHROMA

CHROMA is blog about design, color and symbolism. The audience is both designers and clients. My intention is to balance both perspectives.